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How it works

  • Artificial Intelligence

    We use an in-house artificial intelligence to create the scaffold for your website based on thousands of award winning sites.

  • People

    Design and development teams at Monkeybar take the scaffold and tweak it to suit your branding and business.

  • Launch

    We launch your website and you can start enjoying the benefits of an established online presence!

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Sensuri Coffee uses Monkeybar to sell great coffee online.More

Sa Yum Dining Room uses Monkeybar to bring Thai cuisine to hungry folk in Singapore's CBD.More

Rishav Das uses Monkeybar to make sales for his public speaking services.More

Dojo uses Monkeybar to manage events, get customer feedback, and sell great burgers.More

Grilllo uses Monkeybar to power the next generation of rice bowls online.More

Great Design for All

Great design for all.

We've analysed thousands of award winning sites, allowing our in-house Artificial Intelligence to fully understand what truly makes a conversion driving website great. Combined with our in-house team of talented designers, we can guarantee you a website that looks great and drives revenue.

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Let your customers see you everywhere.

All of our websites are made with mobile in mind, keeping your site ready for your customers even if they're on the move.

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Selling online made easy.

By leveraging the WooCommerce online shop platform, Monkeybar ensures the easy set up and maintenance of online shops. All online ecommerce websites are fully responsive, with a focus on the creation of a user experience which encourages users to convert, giving you a powerful tool to drive sales to your business.

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