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Everyone should be able to access great design.

Web design and development can be a prohibitively expensive investment for small businesses. We are working to change that.

With the founders having come from agency backgrounds, one of the biggest issues we saw was that small to medium enterprises are often out of luck when creating websites. Choices were limited to cheap freelancers who could disappear at any time, or expensive agencies that had prices outside what most businesses could afford. In fact, even at their cheapest, most agencies would put a small to medium business out a couple of thousand dollars.

Other options weren't great either, with themes and templates sold online requiring an extensive amount of time spent in order to suit the business's branding, and a sizable time investment from owners spent learning programming to attempt achieving features not natively supported by the themes on sale. Even then, certain features were too complex to implement with learned programming skills, leaving business owners with a situation where they had just invested a sizable chunk of time for nothing.

We sought to change that by developing an artificial intelligence capable of designing great-looking conversion-driving websites and combining that with a team of developers capable of achieving pretty much any feature that a website needs. By doing this, we are able to give business owners the best of both worlds, creating great-looking sites with custom features for an extremely affordable price.

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All of our small to medium business website plans cost less than $1 a day.


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